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Post  Admin on Sun Sep 30, 2007 12:33 pm

Before posting and using this forum please take some minutes to read this topic as it contains the necessary to read rules of this forum.
1. First of all ,please,behave decently on this forum, that means not to post vulgar,threatening,sexual oriented ... material. Doing so you risk to be banned. If you repeat that again you'll be permanently banned by ip, so think twice what you post before you post.
2. Please use the search form located in the navigation bar at the top of the site before posting new games or asking for help. There may be already persons that asked/posted the same things you are looking for/want to post. Please help to keep the forum clean and user friendly.
3. Please understand that the material on this forum may be illegal to share and
3.1 . If you own a product that is shared on this forum,but it should not and you want to take it off please contact me at babanner @ gmail [.] com .
3.2 . If you want that this forum stayed alive, please do not link to big company sites as g@mel0ft, digit@l chocol@te , nokia, motorola and so on , because these sites may find this forum easier and ask for our host to delete it.
4. When posting please post in the adequate section of the forum. So if you want to post a game for motorola with screen resolution 240x320 , please post it in motorola 240x320 section,but not in nokia section or chat or somewhere else. Please help to keep this forum clean and user friendly.
5. The signature option is enabled. Please do not abuse of it by showing hundreds of useless links or useless images. Only one link in signature allowed. And please do not link to porn,"PPC systems" or something else that could disturb users' experiences on this forum. Please help to keep this forum clean and user friendly. In case our users will abuse of this option ,signatures will be disabled.
6. There is a GamePack section on this forum in Games and Utilities category. It contains gamepacks (huge collection of games in a zip file) for different brands and screen resolution. If you want to get access to that section you must supply 10 good games or applications and then ask for VIP status Smile by giving me a pm with subject "VIP status request" and links to those 10 good games and applications.
7. If you want to become a moderator on a specific board on the forum please send me a pm with subject "Moderator status request" and i'll see wether you deserve it or not by different criterias such as : number of posts, number of content (games,apps,videos...) supplied, reputation...
8. We are not responsible for any damage to your device our material could bring. You install our games/apps/hacks/mods ... taking the risk. If something went wrong with your device after you installed something from our forum you could ask for help in ask for help section,but nobody on this forum is obliged to help you solving your problem.
9. Do not upload archives containing viruses on this forum. Double check to see that your archive is clean of viruses and then post your content on the forum.
10. If you downloaded a file from this forum and it contains viruses, please contact me by pm providing a link to the post on the forum.
11. By agreeing to these rules you accept to follow them and ... enjoy our forum Smile

Please check this post from time to time as there may be new points added or current points changed.


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